Learning Behaviour Change

I’ve always had a fascination with the psychology of behaviour change. I remember reading (or attempting to read) books by Carl Jung and the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget at a very early age. Then I studied A-Level Psychology and, a number of years later, I focused my Masters Degree research on the impact of beliefs and health behaviour change.


I found psychology highly frustrating because nothing seemed clear. One person said this and another said that. One person agreed with parts of a theory whilst someone else agreed with other elements of that theory.

Then I came across NLP.

NLP cuts through all the ‘guff’ and gets straight down to what we know about human behaviour and the techniques which help change unwanted or unhelpful ones.

I studied with one of only a very few people who hold the prestigious title of Master Trainer of Trainers¬†and is a student of the internationally recognised ‘trailblazer’ of NLP, Dr Tad James.

After months on courses, practice and study, I became a Master Practitioner of NLP in 2009 and that’s when everything started to change…for the BETTER! Since then, I set up my own business, I’ve worked with numerous companies helping develop wellbeing and behaviour change programmes, I’ve written and published books and attained a Diploma in Positive Psychology too. I put this all down to the confidence and knowledge shift within myself from learning and practicing NLP.¬†

It’s been a fascinating and life changing journey and one which I highly encourage others to take.