Behaviour Change Hypnosis Audios

Weight Loss

[Hypnosis Audio] Often, we know what we should be doing to support weight loss but long-standing habits and behaviours can make it hard to maintain. Many people spend years trying numerous diets which sometimes work in the short term but are unsustainable long term. Last behaviour change is sustained when the mind is aligned with our desire to make the right choices which can be accomplished through this weight loss hypnosis audio. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Now Available!






[Hypnosis Audio] Too many people hold negative beliefs about who they are and this can have a serious impact on levels of self-esteem, depression and how life is viewed. With this deeply relaxing self development hypnosis, you can safely re-train your brain to have a brighter, more vibrant and colourful view of yourself and your life. With this new perspective you can attract so much more into your life. Click on preferred store logo to purchase:





Healthier Behaviours

[Hypnosis Audio] Designed specifically for people who struggle to look after their wellbeing and keep falling back into unhealthy habits, behaviours and cycles, this Mind-Training Hypnosis will gently guide you through a deeply relaxing state and communicate with that part of you that wants to worry less about your health and wellbeing to create positive behaviour change for your healthier and happier future. Click on preferred store logo to purchase:






[Hypnosis Audio] A lack in confidence can hold you back in life which can feel so frustrating because deep down there’s a part of you which knows you could achieve, enjoy and experience so much more. With this mind-training hypnosis you can relax and let the part of your unconscious mind make positive changes so you are able to feel confident, have a secure sense of self-esteem which supports your success in life. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Coming soon!





Stress Reduction

[Hypnosis Audio] Together with increasing demands and pressures, many people are now feeling a high degree of stress and anxiety. This guided hypnosis not only allows you to become blissfully peaceful whilst listening, it will also help create a permanent inner state of calm so you are able to think with more clarity, cope with daily demands more effectively and gain control of your physical and psychological wellbeing. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Coming soon!





Free From Alcohol

[Hypnosis Audio] You don’t have to be alcohol dependant to be concerned about the amount you have been drinking. This hypnosis is specifically designed for people who are tired of feeling sick and tired, who are fed up with days lost from hangovers and want to be free from alcohol to regain their zest for life, wake up with energy and start living a healthier more fulfilled life. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Now Available!





Low Mood

[Hypnosis Audio] Unfortunately, anxiety and depression are now reaching epidemic proportions and trying to pull yourself out of a cycle of worry and dread can be extremely hard. This hypnosis aims to help re-train the subconscious mind to provide the inner strength and behaviour change needed to clear the black cloud and encourage much sunnier days ahead. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Coming soon!





Self-Development and Behaviour Change Books

What’s the Point? A Guide to Life & Happiness

[Audiobook] This is a self development audiobook which incorporates spirituality and science in a way that is logical and easy to follow. This audiobook is ultimately about the meaning of life and is therefore essential for those who want to find the extra to an ordinary life. By listening to this audiobook you will discover the signs which point towards the road of happiness, contentment and many realisations which could well change your life. Click on preferred store logo to purchase:





Mind – Body – Spirit

[Audiobook] Your mind and body should be aligned in order for total wellbeing. With a well adjusted and allied mind and body your connection with life tends to increase, your life perspective can often improve and your heart becomes less isolated which is why this self development audiobook also introduces you to some thought provoking concepts to open yourself up spiritually. Click on preferred store logo to purchase:






Speaking of Behaviour Change

[Audiobook] Designed for Therapists and ‘Change Practitioners’, this book provides advanced linguistic skills for behaviour change. This audiobook not only teaches how the language techniques work but also why they facilitate rapid behaviour change at the neurological, cognitive and subconscious level. Laid out in a structured and easy to follow manner, this is an essential resource for professionals involved in helping support wellbeing and self development in others. Click on preferred store logo to purchase: Now available! 






The Business Plan for Happiness

[Paperback Book] Would you want to win the lottery in exchange for your happiness? Would you want your dream career if it meant sacrificing your enjoyment in life? Would you want to live in any location of your choosing but be miserable? The attainment of happiness in your life supersedes financial wealth, status and material possessions. Happiness is therefore the true currency and wealth we all want in life. The fundamental business in life is to increase our income of lasting happiness and decrease the expenditure of negative emotions.