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Learn how to Meditate: Stress reduction and spiritual growth



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Meditation is no longer for humming hippies or chanting Monks. In fact, the benefits of meditation are now well established scientifically and its benefits are helping people improve psychological wellbeing, helping children improve school grades, distressing high-end business men and women and meditation is even being used to reduce reoffending within prisons. Studies show that regular meditators (as little as 10 minutes each day) are happier, healthier, significantly less stress and, for many, they have more spiritual meaning and purpose to their lives.

With our modern, fast paced lives, it’s perhaps even more important to practice meditation so you are able to deal with daily demands, cope and bounce back rapidly after the inevitable hurdles in life and, of course, connect and enhance that part of you which desires a state of inner peace.
These videos are designed to provide you with the knowledge and guidance to take you step by step along a path which will, at very least, provide you with increased wellbeing and at best provide you with profound insights into yourself.

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Stress Reduction: How to Build Resilience and Cope

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Life seems to be getting faster with increasing demands and pressures which can often cause us to feel overwhelmed and helpless at times.
Stress and anxiety is rapidly becoming the number one cause of absence from work and ill health so it’s vital to learn how to reduce your reaction to daily hassles and stressors so you can cope with mental clarity, inner calm, ability to deal with life and reintroduce some happiness.
This short course talks you through some of the fundamental ways you can significantly reduce the effect life demands have on you whilst also increasing your health and wellbeing.

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