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What is this?

This 8 week course is completely FREE to access for anyone interested in the science of self development and spiritual growth.


  • Over 400 minutes (nearly 8 hours) of videos
  • 31 videos in total (not including free meditation videos)
  • Weekly activities which are simple and effective to aid your progress
  • Freebies including:
    • Guided meditation audio for you to download
    • Progressive meditation videos to move your meditation practice forwards week-by-week
    • Subjective measurements on happiness, psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction to see how you improve over the course
    • AND MORE!

Some of the topics covered:

  • How meditation changes the brain
  • Psychology of behaviour and positive change
  • Positive Psychology for cultivating more happiness
  • Neurology – understanding how the mind works
  • Epigenetics – the biology of beliefs and wellbeing
  • Buddhist philosophy
  • Mind-over-matter
  • How manifestation works
  • and SO much more!

Emma King 

“I have found this a fascinating insight into how our brains and the world works and how i can make positive changes in my life. As part of this I have already making steps in order to improve my life”

What happens next?

Once you have signed up, you will be sent the first videos for week one, after which, you’ll be sent another set of videos to watch and learn from every 7th day over 8 weeks.

Why over 8 weeks?

Accompanying each weeks videos will be some easy to implement and fun activities to take part in during the following 7 days so you can layer your understanding put into practice what you have learnt and gradually implement some tools and techniques for your transformation.

Why is it FREE?

Although this course is completely unique, I did manage to find other courses which seemed to be of a similar theme that are selling for around $450 but, putting a price on something so fundamental to human happiness seems to degrade the purpose of it – which is to help as many people as possible – so I thought I’d let you decide.

At the bottom of each weeks content page you have the choice to select an amount to contribute if you wish to.






  • This is completely risk free

  • You can unsubscribe at any time to exit the course

  • You can pay something or nothing. It’s entirely up to you




Start Your FREE Online Course

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