10 Ways Managers Can Make Staff Happier

Evidence abounds showing happier staff are more productive, able to cope with higher demands and remain loyal to the company.

With the increasing rise of workplace wellness programmes, I see one critical element missing which is initiatives to create happier staff.

If staff happiness is on the radar at all within a business, there seems to be a school of thought that healthier staff must equate to happy staff and there’s certainly a belief that workplace wellbeing initiatives is all that’s needed to make staff happier.

Sadly, this is often not the case, particularly if management styles or methods are making staff miserable.

So, if you are a manager, here are ten proven things you must consider if you are keen to help improve the happiness and productivity within your team:

  1. The work should be varied in order for employees to utilise a variety of skills and talents.
  2. Rather than doing small bits of projects or work, an employee should be allowed to work on a project from start to finish, no mater how big or small.
  3. The employee must feel like their work is benefiting others.
  4. Your team should be involved in discussions about projects and the business as a whole so they feel engaged and a part of the company.
  5. Ask your staff for ideas or even support as this will make them feel valued.
  6. You must communicate regularly about work related topics and take an interest in your staff*.
  7. Be consistent. Frequently retracting promises, shifting appointments or changing project structures will cause staff to feel uncertain and demoralised. 
  8. Avoid micro-managing. Getting too involved in too many aspects of their work will make them feel distrusted and incompetent. Support and guide from a distance.
  9. Trust your staff. They have been employed to do a job, let them do it without treating them like your children. 
  10. The workplace will feel like primary school or a tyrannical state if there are too many rules and regulations. 

“To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

Googles’ philosophy

*This is particularly important when it comes to mental health. Surveys show that staff are more likely to go off sick rather than talk about stress or mental health concerns with their line manager.