NLP Eye Patterns

Many years ago, after speaking with a friend about NLP, he sent me a research paper stating that NLP eye pattern recognition could not predict what someone was thinking. This paper claimed that NLP eye pattern recognition is unable to read someone’s mind.

My reply was…

…’what a waste of research money! Of course, NLP eye patterns cannot read someone’s mind or know what they are thinking’

Knowing about how someone’s eyes move whilst talking or thinking does not make you telepathic. What it does do is provide an idea of what the individual is mentally accessing whilst they think rather than knowing specifically what they are thinking.

Have you noticed that our eyes move whilst we have a conversation and when we are thinking? You will now!

There is a common pattern between the way our eyes move and what we are mentally accessing.

As you look at someone, typically (for a right handed person) the pattern is as follows:

Top left

We are constructing how something would look

Top right

We are mentally recalling how a past event looked

Middle left

We are mentally constructing how something might sound

Middle right

We are mentally recalling how something from the past sounded

Bottom left

We are thinking about emotions and how something feels or felt

Bottom right

We calculating something or having a conversation in our head

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