NLP: Fact or Fiction?

It’s important to ask questions and have an enquiring mind so we can separate fact from fiction.

The digital age has revolutionised our access to information, a few clicks and we have the information we seek. However, this also brings with it fake news and misinformation which makes it harder to decipher fact from fiction. This is true for the self-development and psychological techniques of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

What is it exactly? How does it work?

In short, NLP is a set of psychological techniques which support and influence behaviour change.

Developed by Dr. John Grinder & Dr. Richard Bandler in the 1970’s, NLP has since been refined and advanced into a well established and effective method for influencing behaviour change at the subjective and neurological level. Today, it’s be hard to find an entertainer, motivational speaker, politician or behaviour change practitioner who’s career and life has not been changed by the study or use of NLP:

Oprah Winfrey  “NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them, It is amazing” 

Anthony (Tony) Robbins  “I built my sales career from zero to become to worlds best motivator using NLP”

Russell Brand openly declares NLP as a “life saver” when he used it to get over his self-destructive patterns in a news article. 

Pharrell Williams talks about his use of and love of NLP in this Psychology Today article. “I am a huge NLP person. I love NLP”

Frustrated with psychological theories and techniques which contradicted or disagreed with one another, Grinder and Bandler set about to study what really seemed to work and how they worked.

Arguably, these two were trailblazers for what is now accepted as the science of positive psychology. Grinder and Bandler were not so much interested in what’s wrong with people but more interested in what’s right with people. Whilst other psychologist argued over theories around mental health, they set about to find out how people have pulled themselves out from mental health issues. Rather than talking to people with phobias, they spoke with people who had gotten over fears and phobias to find out how they did it. Instead of studying people who were struggling or suffering, they researched people who had shown great resilience, amazing self-discipline, overcome monumental difficulties, shown mental strength and self-mastery.

In a nutshell, NLP is the psychological study of exceptional people and how to replicate it.

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