5 Elements of Wellbeing

Based on extensive research, there’s a widely accepted wellbeing theory which consists of five intrinsically motivating elements which we all wish to achieve for our own sake rather than to gain some external reward or return.  

You can therefore think of these five factors as fundamental and foundational when it comes to the development of personal wellbeing. 

1. Positive Emotions

Frequent experiences of positive emotions such as happiness, joy, love, gratitude and appreciation is perhaps the most obvious. Without emotions which make our hearts and faces smile our sense of life and wellbeing is lacking a vital ingredient.

2. Engagement

This refers to a feeling of positive connection with life that comes from a sense of being an influencer on life rather than a passive by-stander. Wellbeing is negatively affected when we feel as if life happens to us rather than us and our actions happening to life.

3. Relationships

Without human contact we die. Relationships with other people are highly important when it comes to our wellbeing status. It’s estimated that we all need around 8 hours of human contact and interaction each day for wellbeing.

4. Meaning and Purpose

Weather it’s gained from our children, family, friends, job, spirituality or religion, your wellbeing needs meaning and purpose. ‘Meaning’ refers to a reason for your existence and ‘purpose’ refers to having a motivation which is higher than yourself.

5. Accomplishment

This can refer to career or financial accomplishment of course but more relevant and significant to our wellbeing is the sense of progress towards our purpose. If we are in control of ourselves, via the alignment of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, our wellbeing is enhanced because we will be directed and driven to succeed and attain our life’s meaning and purpose.