Greater Changes in Pessimists

In previous articles and videos, I’ve mentioned the impact of placebo on psychological and physiological changes. This effect can be positive and health enhancing or unhelpful and health harming.

From scientific understanding, we know that chronic negativity can reduce cognitive functioning and have a negative spiral effect on health and wellbeing via increased stress. However, it’s now known that positive thinking has an equal and opposite effect on levels of stress and reduces associated physiological responses such as stress-induced inflammation, reduction in pain, gut issues and risk of coronary diseases.

In other words, positive thinking and optimism not only increases resilience it also prevents illness.
Through the practice of simple proven techniques, such as those found in the book, The Business Plan For Happiness, we can train our brain to become more optimistic and this positive change is seen most in those who have a particularly pessimistic outlook.

For example, David Creswell from Carnegie Mellon University asked students to write a short essay on their positive attributes prior to their exams. These students showed marked decreases in stress related hormones when entering their exams when compared to those who didn’t take part in the self-affirmation essay. Interestingly, the greatest reduction in stress hormones was seen in those who were most worried about their exams.

So, if you are going through a particularly hard time and it seems impossible to see the positive in anything, you can create big changes with small efforts. If you have a particularly pessimistic outlook and find yourself worrying excessively and stressing out a lot, you will experience a noticeable improvement through simple techniques. 

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