You Can Help A Lot Of People With This Technique

This course is for Therapists and any self development coaches who wants to learn a fast and highly effective technique to resolve client disharmony caused by a misalignment between their conscious and unconscious mind.

What is it? 

This powerfully effective technique has been developed by Anthony Peters over many years of research, study and refinement of psychological systems and seminal work; notably by Robert Dilts, Dr Tad James and Prof. John Grinder.

The Bio-Neural Alignment™ Technique is extremely effective at creating profound shifts in unhelpful behaviours, limiting self-concepts and restricted personal growth.

Why is it needed?

Often there are many contributing factors to a persons unfulfilled potential and life satisfaction, however, no matter what the root cause(s) of a clients issue there is one pervading, underlying causation of their discontentment and disharmony. Negative past experiences cause fractures and ‘splinters’ within oneself creating an imbalance and conflict between how things are perceived to be and how things are desired to be.

This incongruence manifests emotional discomfort and suffering (both physical and psychological) because the misalignment between thoughts, beliefs and behaviours pulls the individual in different directions. This inner conflict has a significant detrimental impact on self-esteem, self-efficacy, wellbeing, purpose, meaning and thereby, their subjective view of the world too. The conflict causes a feeling of being torn between the person they feel they should be – and by association, the life they should have – and the person they perceive themselves to be.

Of course, the client is unaware of this misalignment and they are have often tried numerous self development therapies to find a solution to their dissatisfaction. They have often attempted to resolve their emotional disquiet by changing jobs, relationships, location or thinking a change in any number of life aspects will help ease their state of unhappiness, but of course, no action creates the sense of completeness and wholeness they are unconsciously seeking to find.

Eventually, as each attempt only provides limited or temporary resolve, their internal fractures crumble and collapse into helplessness and, if left unresolved, at worst, can lead to depression or, at best, a reluctant acceptance that the desired life will never be fulfilled.

Once again, this is a deeply uncomfortable mismatch between how things are perceived to be and how things are desired to be.

How it works? 

In contrast, congruence occurs when verbal and non-verbal behaviours support our desired outcome in life. With biological, neurological and behavioural alignment at the conscious and unconscious level, all limitations are removed and personal mastery over ones destiny can be achieved.

Therefore, the Bio-Neural Alignment™ Technique resolves each underlying area of internal conflict to re-align all aspects of self-concept, behaviours and beliefs. The Bio-Neural Alignment™ Technique also brings back into prime focus the clients core values along with their higher state of purpose.

With this alignment between the conscious and unconscious mind, all thoughts and behaviours match and the individual becomes whole and therefore, is working in unison to reach there life potential, wellbeing and satisfaction.

Price: £397.97

Interested in attending a course? Please register your interest and I will be in contact to let you know times and dates of up-coming courses.

Taught over 5 days, this course will cover: 

Day 1:

  • Overall concept of technique and scientific theory
  • Detailed explanation of how and why it works
  • Demonstration of complete technique

Day 2:

  • Comprehensive learning of first stage of technique
  • Practice of first stage
  • Comprehensive learning of second stage of technique
  • Practice of second stage

Day 3: 

  • Comprehensive learning of third stage of technique
  • Practice of third stage
  • Comprehensive learning of four stage of technique
  • Practice of four stage

Day 4: 

  • Comprehensive learning of fifth stage of technique 
  • Practice of fifth stage
  • Compressive learning of sixth stage of technique
  • Practice of sixth stage

Day 5:

  • Application of complete Bio-Neural Alignment™ technique
  • Certification ceramony

The net result of this unique self development technique is to rapidly restore inner balance and harmonic internal relationships causing a dramatic transformation for complete wellbeing.

Interested in attending a course? Please register your interest and I will be in contact to let you know times and dates of up-coming courses.

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