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Science of Buddhist Philosophy

[Quality Endorsed Course] A course in which ancient Eastern wisdom and science come together.

Rather than a ‘religion’ in the traditional sense, Buddhism is a non-theistic philosophy of the human mind, the nature of reality and human behaviour. It therefore, has clear parallels with neurology, quantum physics and psychology. It is this link between science and Buddhist philosophy which will be discussed and investigated on this course. The aim is to help gain better understanding of this ancient Eastern wisdom and the science which supports it, what it really means for your personal development, how it can aid spiritual growth and increase happiness.

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Live Well and Embrace Change

[Quality Endorsed Course] As part of a multi-tutor course running 18:30 until 21:00, once a week for ten weeks, you will learn a multitude of key concepts and skills for your complete wellbeing and resilience. If you are stressed out, want to feel healthier or happier, this course covers everything you need.

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Bio-Neural Alignment

This is a unique and powerful transformational technique which I have developed over many years and seen outstanding results in every client I’ve worked with.

Now it is available for you to learn to help other people too.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP]

Developed by psychologists Prof. John Grinder and Dr. Richard Bandler, NLP has become the foundational tool for anyone involved in self development and helping improve the wellbeing of others through behaviour change, clearing limiting beliefs and removing unhelpful behaviours. Many of the world renowned self-help and personal development names we see today started their highly successful path from the knowledge of NLP.

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