Based on the information received we will create a bespoke Manifestation Movie for you. Using video images, pictures (including your own) and music, you can enjoy watching your Manifestation Movie as things start to align within yourself and your life.

From seminal work in the scientific fields of Positive Psychology, Noetic Science, Quantum Mechanics and the HeartMath Institute, we know that certain conditions enhance your potential to physically manifest of your desired future. Conditions such as hypnotic trance and mental focus are known to aid mind-body coherence which in turn sends your intension clearly into the unified field of consciousness.

Therefore, these Manifestation Movies are specifically designed for with your desired future in mind. With regular viewing, Manifestation Movies will not only help retrain your mind and behaviours, it will also send a crystal clear message outwardly and attract that which you wish for. 

With dedication and patience, watch your tailor-made movie frequently and believe that your wishes are on their way to you. 

That is all you have to do.



If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied, we will give all your money back, no questions asked.  

15 Minute Bespoke Manifestation Movie 




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