Location: Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH

Date & Days: Two consecutive weekends starting Saturday June 2nd 2018

Time: 9:30am to 5pm

Tutor: Anthony Peters

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This is a four day intensive training course taught in a friendly small group of likeminded people who wish to learn the fundamental principles of this highly effective approach to behaviour change and self development.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a highly effective psychological approach to behaviour change.
NLP is founded on the principle that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available to them, however, there are no unresourceful people just unresourceful negative states, beliefs and thoughts. The overall aim of NLP therefore is to enable you to access more resources to reduce limitations and overcome barriers so you can thrive and excel in life too.

The results gained from using NLP techniques and principles is so widely recognised they are now used in  professions involving engagement, influence and behaviour change, including; public speaking, teaching and education, sales, law enforcement, business, therapy, public health, marketing, negotiation, entertainment and so many more.

The success and effectiveness of NLP has influenced a paradigm shift within todays psychological studies with particular reference to the relatively new field of Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of optimal human functioning and happiness.
Key elements of NLP can also be found in many evidence-based models for behaviour change such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis.

  • NLP is not something done to someone but done with someone so if you would like to know the foundational principles and techniques for your own personal change and growth or to help others, this course is for you.
  • If you want to learn a set of fundamental psychological skills to add to your own business or help other people make positive changes, this course is for you. 
  • If you have a fascination with human behaviour, the workings of mind, psychology, the power of language, neurology, personal development, getting the most from yourself or, if you have an interest changing unhelpful or limiting behaviours in other people, this course is for you.

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Course Content:
Day 1:
What is NLP? Detailed explanation of what NLP is and how it works.
Rules of NLP. Because the techniques you will learn can be very powerful and effective, it’s vital that you follow these rules to ensure you are always working ethically to increase wholeness.
Rapport. You are unlikely to make a connection or communicate effectively without first establishing how to purposefully create an unconscious connection with someone.
⦁ Anchoring. Putting the principle of cause and effect into use to create state changes.

Day 2:
⦁ Internal Representations. The mental images and movies we run in our minds have a profound impact on how we feel and how we behave. Having a clear understanding of how internal    representations work is key to personal change and development.
⦁ Submodalities. These are the subtle and subjective internal experiences we have and you will learn how to change unwanted, negative or limiting feelings via manipulation of your submodalities.
⦁ Belief Change. What we believe about ourselves and the world around us has direct influence on what we get from life. You will learn how to adjust your beliefs and break those which are holding you back.
⦁ Swish Patterns. Learn how to override those unhelpful emotions in specific situations so you can access what you need when you most need it.Day 3:
⦁ Parts Integration. One of the most common causes of disharmony within you is the internal conflict and pull between two opposing thoughts and beliefs. Learn how to resolve this dissonance and become aligned in thought and behaviour.
Chaining Anchors. A highly effective method to move yourself from an unwanted state to one which helps you achieve more.
⦁ Strategies. We all run a neurological strategy before any action or behaviour. Here you will learn how to change those which are unhelpful or limiting.
⦁ Eye Patterns. Understanding eye patterns is not only fascinating but can be used to create new helpful strategies.

Day: 4:
⦁ Logical levels. Discover the hierarchy of change and use it to access more resources for yourself.
⦁ Logical Levels of Therapy. A fun way to shake up, weaken or break habits of behaviour which are no useful to you, helpful to you or wanted by you anymore.
⦁ Discovering Values. What you value is what’s important to you. Learn how to bring your core values to the surface so you can re-align and get more confidence on who you are.
Prime Concerns. This is a fantastic way to uncover the reasons why you are not able to get what you want, be who you want or do what you want.
Parting gift. Before you leave the course and onto your new and exciting future, I will leave you with a gift to help you attain the future you desire.

It will be great to see you there, it’ll be fun and you’ll thank yourself for having made the decision.

Usual Price: £247

£197 if booked before 27th May 2018

Four intensive days training

Be prepared for four fully packed days covering:

1. What is NLP?
2. Rules of NLP.
3. Rapport.
4. Anchoring.
5. Internal Representations.
6. Submodalities.
7. Belief Change.
8. Swish Patterns.
9. Parts Integration.
10. Chaining Anchors.
11. Strategies.
12. Eye Patterns.
13. Logical levels.
14. Logical Levels of Therapy.
15. Discovering Values.
16. Prime Concerns.
17. Parting gift.
Early Bird: £197pp before May 27th

£247 After May 27th

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