Completed Wise Monkey Training NLP LEVEL 1?

Fancy taking your knowledge and skill to the next level?

This course is for students who have completed Wise Monkey Training NLP Level 1 and wish to take their skills and abilities to the next level.

Course content:

Day 1:

Level 1 refresh. NLP Level 1 is intensive and we cover A LOT, so it is helpful to recover the techniques to fine tune your skills.

Day 2:

Fast Phobia Model. Learn how to get rid of irrational fears and phobias extremely quickly. An individual with a phobia knows it’s irrational but they can’t help run the strategy which makes them so fearful. With this technique you will learn how to disrupt the neurological process so their cognitive strategy does not work and therefore, the feeling of fear is not created.

Day 3:

Advanced Language. Become highly skilled in the use of language to elicit and influence behaviour change at the conscious and unconscious level. Around 3% of communication is due to what you say …unless, what you say speaks directly to the clients unconscious mind! In this part of Level 2, you will not only gain a advanced level understand of why these linguistic techniques work, you will also gain the art of being able to shift thoughts, perceptions and behaviours purely by the words you use and the sentences you say.

Day 4:

Breakthrough session.

It is said that Buddha was approached by a mother and her child. The mother asked Buddha to tell her son to stop eating sugar to which the Buddha replied: “Of course. Return to me in two weeks and I will tell your child to stop eating sugar”. The mother returned with her son two weeks later as instructed and the Buddha held the child’s hands, looked into his eyes and said “Stop eating sugar”. 

The mother gave her thanks to the Buddha and asked, “Why didn’t you say that two weeks ago?”

“Because two weeks ago, I too ate sugar” Replied the Buddha. 

This little fable nicely explains why Level 2 finishes with a Breakthrough session so that everyone on the course leaves free from their own baggage and problems so you can confidently help and instruct others with integrity and confidence.

The Breakthrough session brings all the tools and techniques together as you design and carry out a session with a fellow student to resolve every limiting aspect of each other and gain access to all the resources you need to make profound life-long changes. As a Level 2 Wise Money Training practitioner of NLP, it’s important that you first put down your own baggage so you can get any limitations out of the way and be free from your own personal issues in order to successfully to help others.

Price: £297.50

Four Intensive Days Training

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