I work with people who have unhelpful behaviours which prevent them from attaining optimum health or psychological wellbeing. I work with people who want to stop habits of thought which are limiting or negative. And I work with people who seem to be stuck in cycles of behaviours which are frustrating or harmful to health.

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This may sound interesting but making the decision to arrange a session with me is a big step.

Perhaps you’re thinking you’ll wait, perhaps wait for that elusive and magical “one day”.

Perhaps you’ll think about it some more and see how you feel tomorrow (i.e. the day which never comes around). 

Perhaps you’ll try again on your own but this time you’ll really try.

I know it’s easier for you to stay as you are but if where you are right now isn’t making you happy – take action.

If you’ve tried to change on your own, perhaps read all the self-help books but things still aren’t right – take action.

If you’ve been struggling for years – take action.

Obviously, the decision must be yours but if you know that things could be so much better for you and your life please don’t wait.


Kyle Daniels Retail & Commercial Sales Executive

“I can’t speak high enough of Anthony and the impact he has had on my life professionally and personally”

However, I completely understand it takes a lot of courage to see someone you’ve never met before and it can be hard to know if seeing me is right for you, so it’s helpful for you to know a few of key points first:

Pre-session questions

  • I ask for information in writing before our session to avoid you having to spend the first part of your session talking through what you are experiencing which I feel is a waste of your money. The questions within this pre-session form can be found at the bottom of page. 

Bespoke session planning

  • The information you provide before our session allows me to design a bespoke approach with a specific combination of tools and techniques to help resolve your problem.

This is not Counselling

  • I take a solution focused approach which means I am focused on moving you forwards rather than taking you backwards into the past. A brief background and history is helpful of course but we will not dwell on the past because real transformation occurs by changing how you think and behave today rather than digging up past events that no longer exist.


How much is it?

If you’re anything like me, having to enquire and make contact just to find out prices will frustrate you. If you’re like me, you will want to know costs up-front.

My fee is £55 per hour and once I’ve received the request form (below) I’ll reply with an idea of how long your session is likely to last before any appointments are booked. This way everything is transparent beforehand and you can make a decision from there.

How does it work? 

Step 1. Complete the pre-session form at bottom of page.

Step 2. Once I’ve received your completed session request form (at bottom of page), I will make contact and we’ll have a chat so you can ask me any questions and make sure you are 100% comfortable with everything.

If you and I are happy to book in an appointment after our chat, we’ll arrange our appointment and I’ll ask for a deposit of £55 to secure your session.

Most clients will want a single session and work through until the problem is resolved there and then. However, due to work or family commitments, this is not always possible so some clients prefer to see me for hourly sessions over a set period of time. It’s completely up to you and we can discuss this once I’ve received your form.

Where is it?

People travel from all over the country to see me in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.




Please answer as many of the following questions as fully as possible with openness and honesty. All information is strictly confidential, only viewed by Anthony Peters and stored in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Once received, I will reply via your preferred method of contact.
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