The Business Plan for Happiness [Paperback]


151 Pages

By emgroove on 20 October 2013
“A must read for anyone who struggles to reconcile the daily grind of modern life. Inspiring, clearly written and strongly evidenced, this book will point you in the right direction for daily happiness”

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Amazon Reviews:

  • For your way forward to a happy and simple existence.
    By S. Austin Cooper on 1 November 2016
    “Yet again Anthony Peters has written a book of Clarity. The way forward. An inspirational book that will clear your mind of the trivial worries we have in everyday life. For your way forward to a happy and simple existence. Free yourself to be a happy and healthier person”
  • Highly recommended.
    By Elizabeth Buxton on 19 October 2013
    “This book is a fascinating read into ways in which you can self-accualise yourself towards a better future. Anthony Peters gives practical and realistic ideas on how you can positively influence your life path. Highly recommended”

The Business Plan for Happiness [Paperback]

Would you want to win the lottery in exchange for your happiness? Would you want your dream career if it meant sacrificing your enjoyment in life? Would you want to live in any location of your choosing but be miserable?
The attainment of happiness in your life supersedes financial wealth, status and material possessions. Happiness is therefore the true currency and wealth we all want in life.
The fundamental business in life is to increase our income of lasting happiness and decrease the expenditure of negative emotions. This book approaches happiness like the ultimate business, focusing on bringing you a fortune in happiness. This book will provide you with evidence based practical tools and techniques so you can gain a wealth of lasting happiness income.
The Business Plan for Happiness will show you how to create more contentment in your life, help you achieve more satisfaction and fulfilment at home, at rest, at work and whilst at play.

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  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Home: Happiness Begins at Home
  • Home: Be On The Cause Side of Life
  • Home: Positivity Creates High Happiness Income
  • Home: Negative Media
  • Home: You Create Your Own Reality
  • Home: Understanding Others
  • Rest: The Importance of Meditation
  • Work: What Role Does Money Play?
  • Work: Creating Happiness At Work
  • Work: The Importance of Meaning And Purpose
  • Work: Strengthen Your Strengths
  • Work: The LAB Profile
  • Work: Spreading Happiness
  • Play: Pay Attention
  • Play: Be Social
  • Play: Move Your Bad Self
  • End Note
  • References