Ultimate Truth [eBook]

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The Science and Philosophy of Spiritual Evolution and Manifestation

With scientific understanding know the physical world we see and interact with is not the Ultimate Truth of reality. Citing studies from scientific fields of quantum physics, epigenetics, noetic science, positive psychology and neuropsychology, this easy to read book takes the reader step by step towards the Ultimate Truth of reality and the ultimate purpose of life.
With increased understanding about the Ultimate Truth, you will not only recognise what positive implications it has for you and your life, it will also show you how to access a realm in which you are the creator of your life, health and wealth.
With practical application of this book, the benefits you will gain are beyond compare, it really is the ultimate goal. You will not only become a master of yourself, your thoughts, your behaviours, your health and emotions but you will also have significant control of your future too.
This is a must read for anyone interested in the scientific truth about the meaning to life and how to bring order to a chaotic world. Whether you call it the law of attraction, the secret or ordering from the cosmos, if you have an idea of how you would like your future life to be, then this book will teach you how to manifest your desires and gain increased health, wellbeing and happiness during the journey.

Chapter 1: The Ultimate Goal
Chapter 2: Two Worlds
Chapter 3: A Virtual World of Mind
Chapter 4: Causality and Control
Chapter 5: Understanding
Chapter 6: Understanding Dissonance
Chapter 7: Understanding Aspirations
Chapter 8: Understanding Control
Chapter 9: Understanding Intension
Chapter 10: Understanding Belief
Chapter 11: Mind Over Matter
Chapter 12: First World Reality
Chapter 13: Influencing Reality
Chapter 14: Increasing the Energy
Chapter 15: Plugging into the Energy
Chapter 16: Six Delusions
Chapter 17: Using the Energy
Chapter 18: Effective Manifestation
Chapter 19: Ultimate Truth

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