Ultimate Truth [Audiobook]

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Total Running Time: 6hrs


The Science and Philosophy of Spiritual Evolution and Manifestation

Take yourself on an intellectual and thought provoking voyage of truth discovery. 

It has long been known that ancient Eastern spirituality has made astounding claims to control the physical world of mind, body and matter. Now, from scientific understanding we have a much clearer idea how we can all attain ecstatic states of bliss and the ability to influence the material world we see and interact with. 

Referring to scientific research and Eastern philosophy, this book will take you step-by-step towards the ultimate goal and purpose in life. A path to transcend the physical, material world and access a metaphysical realm in which you are in total control of your destiny and can access abilities to manifest health, wealth and happiness. Each step will unveil another layer towards the ultimate truth about yourself, your life and the potential to manifest your ideal future.

With new scientific understanding, the ultimate truth of reality is no longer for Eastern Sages of distant lands, now we have the evidence-based knowledge to access the blissful realm of universal consciousness and become the co-creator of life. Studies in quantum physics, positive psychology, noetic science, epigenetics, biomorphic fields and many more, have been consistently saying the same thing; there is a spiritual evolution happening and you can be an active participant.

You have a choice to keep living the same life you already know, or choose to enter onto an adventurous voyage into the unknown, where all manner of wonders and deepest desires reside.

        • Introduction
        • Chapter 1: The Ultimate Goal
        • Chapter 2: Two Worlds
        • Chapter 3: A Virtual World of the Mind
        • Chapter 4: Causality and Control
        • Chapter 5: Understanding
        • Chapter 6: Understanding Dissonance
        • Chapter 7: Understanding Control
        • Chapter 8: Mind Over Matter
        • Chapter 9: First World Reality
        • Chapter 9b: Consciousness
        • Chapter 9c: Co-creator
        • Chapter 10: Influencing Reality
        • Chapter 11: Increasing Energy
        • Chapter 12: Plugging into the Energy
        • Chapter 13: Using the Energy
        • Chapter 14: Effective Manifestation
        • Chapter 15: Ultimate Truth