Visualisation Meditation

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Note: This is free with the online course


This twenty-minute visualisation meditation audio is perfect for people who wish to meditation but find it hard. 

It can be exceptionally hard to meditate if you are particularly stressed, if you have a busy life, if the chatter in your mind seems constant or if you have a racing stream of thoughts. In this instance, it can be extremely helpful to have an audio which helps take you on a journey and occupy your over active brain.

This visualisation meditation audio combines relaxation music, sound effects and a guided storey to not only help you relax deeply but also help quieten your mind. 

With regular listening, you will find yourself becoming calmer, you will cope much better with daily demands and, who knows, eventually you could meditate without this aid. 

The benefits of meditation to psychological and physical wellbeing is well understood so if you would like to start meditating or if you have struggled to meditate in the past, please help yourself to this free audio.