What’s The Point? [Audiobook]

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Total Running Time: 3hrs 20


What’s the Point? A Guide to Life & Happiness
This is a self development book which incorporates spiritual philosophy and science in a way that is logical and easy to follow. This is ultimately about the meaning of life and is therefore essential for those who want to find the extra to the ordinary. By listening to this book you will discover the signs which point towards the road of happiness, contentment and many realisations which could well change your life.

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  • Chapter 1: What’s The Point?
  • Chapter 2: Addiction To Feelings
  • Chapter 3: Let Go
  • Chapter 4: Shutting Up The Spiteful One – Separation
  • Chapter 5: Shutting U The Spiteful One – Meditation
  • Chapter 6: No Mind
  • Chapter 7: Who Are We?
  • Chapter 8: You Are Everything
  • Chapter 9: Further Problems of The Mind
  • Chapter 10: Present Moment
  • Chapter 11: Non-Permanence
  • Chapter 12: Constant of Now
  • Chapter 13: Afloat On The Same Boat
  • Chapter 14: The True Life We Miss
  • Chapter 15: Compassion
  • Chapter 16: Why Are We Here?
  • Chapter 17: Somethings Have No Purpose
  • Chapter 18: What Goes Around
  • Chapter 19: Be Wise
  • Chapter 20: Eight Verses of Thought Transformation